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About Us

Mystery Gorilla Safaris offers responsible adventure travel and ecotourism. Our African safaris journeys are led by professional naturalist guides and reveal the continent’s most extraordinary nature destinations. We offer Eco-conscious tours within East Africa with a multitude of adventures in between!

Our expeditions are biologically and culturally unique and offer travel experiences that explore East Africa’s most fascinating places. Our expeditions are inspired by a passion for true exploration and a desire to better understand our ever-changing and increasingly threatened planet. We seek the hard to find, the elusive and endangered. We tread lightly and engage locally in small groups led by expert guides who impart their knowledge and experience with passion. These expeditions are designed to bring curious, like-minded travelers together for the ultimate wildlife encounters and cultural exchanges.


We bring together the most diverse collection of East African vacations including mountain gorilla expeditions, Uganda safari holidays, Kenya tours, and vacations in Tanzania and Rwanda. Our trips will allow you to see the wildlife of East Africa, discover East Africa’s most popular safari parks, and experience a taste of different cultures.

Mystery Gorilla Safaris is more than a safari company. We are more than a tour operator or trekking guide service. 

Awesome Team:

Mystery Gorilla Safaris is a family. We’re craftspeople. Our staff is a tightly woven team dedicated to welcoming every client into East Africa and crafting the most life-changing experiences possible.

With every client we start with a question: what are your needs, your goals, your dreams? We ask this because every client approaches Africa with individual pursuits and Mystery Gorilla Safaris excels at tailoring experiences to meet their specific needs.

RESPECTED. Respect is a central pillar to what makes Mystery Gorilla Safaris different. With each customized tour, we place clients in direct contact with landscape and culture, with the smells, sights, and sounds that make East Africa so rich. We respect East Africa’s offerings and want to share them with you

COMMITTED. Over the years, directors and staff at Mystery Gorilla Safaris have taken responsibility for the impact tourism has on East Africa’s wildlife, mountains, and communities. From staff cleanup days, and employing a 50% female staff, we are committed to progress and sustainability, going beyond what’s expected of us.