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Why Travel With Us?

Traveling half-way across the world to Africa for a safari holiday of a lifetime is a big decision. We know. And whilst sitting in the office, or at home in the UK, US or where in the world you may be reading this from, it’s very tricky to pick one safari operator.

So, if you are wondering ‘Why Mystery Gorilla Safaris?’ you’ve landed on the right blog post. We have compiled a list of 7 reasons that should take you no longer than 3 minutes to read, about why Mystery Gorilla Safaris is different to any other tour operator in East Africa.

Ready? Let’s go!

  • Committed to client Satisfaction
  • Good tour programs
  • Customized Quality Service
  • Direct Service by owners
  • Competitive costing
  • We are based in the region
  • Environmental stewardship

 Committed to client Satisfaction

The prime Focus of Mystery Gorilla safaris is basically on client Satisfaction, Most of clients we get comprises of referral, repeat and from feedback or comment. We therefore make sure we add value to your Safari experience by offering unique and unmatched service.

Good tour Programs

Unlike other operators and tour agents, Mystery Gorilla Safaris makes sure that all Tour programs are designed in conjunction with our clients by considering their unique interest, time and budget. We make sure both of our already designed and Tailor made tour itinerary fit well in the interest of most clients by ensuring that all promised activities are fixed in right time.

Mystery Gorilla Safaris staff loves to craft customized itineraries for our clients. Obsessed with elephants? We know where to go. Sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti-Tz or Murchison-Ug? No problem. Want to spend 7 days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or Mt. Rwenzori? Sure thing. Whatever your style — basic, comfort, comfort plus, luxury — we’ve got you covered.

Customized, Personal Quality service

Our safari itineraries are more open and though designed, we don’t fix departure dates. We therefore leave them open to allow our clients choose very well what fits in their available time and we do listen carefully to what they want, we recommend and offer guiding and advises to client through the process of deciding what is best for them.

Our guides are beyond brilliant

Our friendly, passionate guides are experts at a wide variety of skills: East Africa’s cultural and natural history, language skills, and first aid training. Mystery Gorilla Safaris Guides are multilingual – speaking Swahili, English and French. Our guides truly go the extra mile to ensure each client always feels fully supported.

Dealing Direct with Owners

We do commit ourselves in ensuring the best services and therefore the founder takes part in designing and arranging all the tours and safaris that come direct and through this company to make sure client get satisfied since the founder know this by experience.

Competitive Costing

On Regular basis we do compare our prices with those of our competitors which enable us to make sure we provide the great value for your money at unbeatable price and basically our costs are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

We are based in the Region

Mystery Gorilla Safaris is locally owned positioned and therefore we have local knowledge about the product. We are familiar with the region’s geography wildlife, people’s culture and climate together with road maps. We do also take our time to travel around our destinations regularly to confirm some changes and upcoming places to keep ourselves updated with enough information that we share with our clients.

Environmental stewardship

Being part of the tourism industry, our existence depends on a thriving natural environment. Our mission is to ensure we play a leading role as environmental stewards. During our recent World Environment Day clean-up the team collected a staggering amount of 74,631 plastic bags and 16,206 plastic bottles! Read more about our clean-up efforts:


Why Book With Us?

Customers Satisfaction

We are committed towards fulfilling the needs of our clients to the letter.

High Ratings

Our awesome array of trips and tours have been rated highly.

Secure Payment

Pay securely for your safari without worries.